The beginning of a creation

Everything has a beginning. Philosophical I know.

This blog marks a type of beginning for this project as well as the class.

I would like to make an animation. I’ve known that my final film while in the BFA at CU would be an animation. However I also know that “story ” is one of the most important aspects of a film. Because of this I have worked hard a searching for a story, one that that would not only be captivating to an audience but also to me as work on it. That might go with out saying but its important to be interested in the project your working on.

A week ago I walked into class this a solid story. One i thought would work perfect for where I was and for what I wanted to do. This was a huge step for me. Because for the last three years i had been searching for this story, and was feeling way behind. I felt behind because i didn’t know what I wanted to do. And i didn’t what to be one of those kids that just throws together a project, a project thats suposed to be a significant sign in our Bachelors of Fine Arts degree, at the last moment.

Yet, after telling the idea to some family and friends my enthusiasm for it dropped… sadly. However after coming to class and seeing that I might not be the only one with out a clear idea of what I want to do, made me feel better, and gave me confidence that i’ll be able to finish this project and make something worth while.



About jauquet

My name is Jade Jauquet. I live in Lafayette Colorado. I'm a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder, I'm currently working on my final film project. View all posts by jauquet

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