A Dilemma Between Storys.

Some where on the blog ( 1 of 5 places) I mentioned how when i first walked into my 4500 class I had a plan. It was a simple story that had resinated with me. I have spent a lot of time trying to come up with an idea for my 4500 film over the last 4 years, ever since being excepted into the BFA spring of ’09. Yet for some reason I haven’t been able to come up with one. Its not that I haven’t had ideas, cause I have… a lot of them. However each one of them was connected to a certain style or effect that I wanted to use or do. So the full “story” wasn’t there, and when I would try and develop a story I get distracted from the story thinking/worrying about how i’m going to make it…silly I know but its something I’m struggling with.

The story that I walked into class thinking i would do was about making decisions that at first wouldn’t have been the one made. The theme came to me when I was recently looking for a place to move to. I transferred  this theme to the idea of a young child needing to pick a toy to bring to show-and tell. I internalized the idea and spent a good amount thinking about it before i wrote it down in a letter to my girlfriend. I was excited for it. It was a story that had a beginning to end. it had a theme that i connected to and felt like i would be interested in until the end of the projects. However when i expressed this story to some close friends it wasn’t met with the same ethucseasum. I was asked the large question of “why do it in animations” which is a valed question but not hugely supportive seeing as I’ve been struggling with coming up with a solid idea for so long now. However it got me thinking about other options…

The second idea that i’ve been currently bouncing around with arose from a class i’m in right now called ‘The Art of Travel’. I spent last year studying abroad in Lancaster, England, and did a lot of travel while I was over on that side of the pond. This got me thinking about doing a film that would utilise my experiences traveling.  I thought about doing a personal film illustrating where i went and what i did. This idea came from the fact that i lost all of my edited photos upon my return, and subsequently haven’t been able to share my travels beyond the photos that I had already uploaded to Facebook. But I’m not wanting to make a personal film about my life or what i’ve done. I want this project to be a personal film on a deeper level than that. Thinking about the film ‘Slacker’ I thought about how I could connect that to what I did while i was traveling, and thats people watch.

At first I thought that a good way for me to incorporate this would to do a film about someone people watching, and imagining about where the people are going or doing. This then evolved into using the camera as the person doing the watching and flouting between different people traveling but shifting to someone eles just as we see the first person beginning the next part of there travels. I would be capturing moments of different peoples trips. This idea would also allow for the film be come a circle in its structure, returning us to the first person that we viewed. However then thinking about the power that animation holds and how he looping effect/aesthetic could be developed through the transition of pencil animation, and the cross fades between images.

However before either of these ideas I was really wanting to make a noir/crime influenced animation. I thought about it for almost all of last fall. I wanted to give it a kinda graphic novel feel to it. I came up with a short script and was a kind of Odyssey feel to it. In which a tired detective was stuck at  working on a case that is left ambiguous for the audience. He is distracted from this case to work on an urgent kidnaping case… which ends up being a wast of time…

I like the idea of the detective not finishing the case, and is in some ways stuck in a loop of trying to figure it out, day in and day out….


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My name is Jade Jauquet. I live in Lafayette Colorado. I'm a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder, I'm currently working on my final film project. View all posts by jauquet

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