An Ambiguous Detective Story

It is hard to come up with a good detective story. And thats why I like the idea of keeping the case ambiguous. This allows for the story to go just about any where and evolve with the animation. At the end the audience is able to piece together the case and assume what its about on there own. its engaging because its ambiguous.  

Everything about the case that the audience sees is animated. Crudely and with out direct connection to what its about. like whats in the detectives mind, his thought process. I like the idea of him being at a desk or eating breakfast. or both… because i would be animating his thought process it would be of the little things he’s trying to work out in his mind.  Between narration lines there might not need to be any narration because we would be seeing it…. and then cut back to him at the desk/tabel and then another thought…

I do want to give it a feel as thought its not the first time he’s thought about the case… or that it a reoccurring thing… a loop never really ending.

I do care about the story in that it needs to at a basic level make since. I like the idea of a murder. The first animation of his thoughts would be him thinking of what happened (a gun going off. a person laying on the floor, dead. and person running from the scene.) this would set up the base of the case for the audience but not limiting me in possibilities in any way. 

after a cut away to the man seating (coffee cup or poking food) we would then here him thinking about the possible suspects… maybe a cross stamping over them as he lists there definite or not definite alibis. maybe with a simple animation of what they are. yet all the imager that is given and the narration must lend its self to the ambiguity of the case… we cant hint that detective might have a chance in solving it with the knowledge that he does have. if that makes sense?

As i said earlier i like the idea of the detective being trapped in a circular routine. I don’t think i would loop the film, but i would end it the same way that i started. (animation of a city sky line and the sound of a beeping alarm clock bing heard over the noises of the city.)


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