“Newspaper Cases” Treatment and Timeline

My story is about an elderly man, Ian, who lives in a large metropolis city.

Each morning Ian is delivered a file with top-secret information about a case that has been deemed unsolvable by his employers.  His job is to prove them wrong by piecing the facts together and solving it for the authorities.

We follow Ian through 4 days of his life. We hear his thoughts as he works thought the case. However on the 3rd day the papers are not delivered. Causing Ian to say at home all day. On the 4th day we find out that the “top-secret” case files is actual the newspaper, during the last scene we learn that he creates the cases in his head, by connecting words that he sees in the paper.

I will be giving the animation a graph novel look to it while we are interacting with Ian. The animation of his thoughts will have a collage aesthetic to them, however produced primarily in aftereffects. I have chosen this story because of the continues looping that it suggest of Ian’s life.

I have chosen to call the film “Newspaper Cases”.


I have been doing a lot of research on the noir genre, graphic storytelling, and visual narrative. I have also been exploring different animations aesthetics that I like such as the works by Miwa Matreyek ( ww.youtube.com/watch?v=FPWjA8nAmuo ) and Lawrence Jordan. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GJhIZK_yIM )


My current time line is:

Feb 15— time line / research presentation

Feb 19— complete script/story

Feb 25— Storyboard, outline of shots

Feb 27— organization of scene/project files

Mar 5— visual presentation, script

Presentation of what I have collected for

-Animations of his thoughts.

-Ian— back grounds decided and created/ing

Mar 8— Record narration

Begin sound edit…. rough

Mar 19— Sound project

Sample of final sound

Mar 30— finish Ian’s animation

April 9— Work in Progress Critique

April 20— finish animation of Ian’s thoughts.

April 25— picture lock begin sound mix

April 30— Final Critique

– near finished edit

-working on exporting

May 10— Final Class Screening!


I’m feeling behind but I feel good about this story and am ready to see it all the way through!


About jauquet

My name is Jade Jauquet. I live in Lafayette Colorado. I'm a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder, I'm currently working on my final film project. View all posts by jauquet

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