I have put together a storyboard of my project. Ever thing in black is the images I plan on using, the Red and Blue ink are notes on what will being going on within the frames. Although this is a full collection of the shots I’ll be using it is not definitive in its lay out. Timing and transition will develop after I have recorded sound with Joe, and have a full image recording of my actor Clint.

The last two images are example renderings of the Street Ian walks across and the booth he seats at in the Cafe.

I also put my storyboards together into an Animatic. The timing is not accurate of what the final project will look like, however it does proved an example of how the different shots will work together. It can be viewed at.


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My name is Jade Jauquet. I live in Lafayette Colorado. I'm a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder, I'm currently working on my final film project. View all posts by jauquet

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