Thinking about sound

Sound is going to be a huge component of my film. This is because through sound I’m going to create the illusion of space within my animation.

Because I’m using Adobe After Effects and Premiere I decided to give Adobe’s Audition a try… This seemed like a good idea because it can be used to edit sound from Premiere with relative ease… However, as to be expected with using any new software, its been a learning experience. The main difficulty is that there is no media management aspect in Audition… this makes it really hard to browse effects and find the right one without doing it in the finder window or actually bringing it into the programe and on to the timeline.

I started with a lot of enthusiasm. I started looking for sound effects to use when building my sound environments. I meet with an actor to be the voice of Ian. I started seeing the project coming together.

After working with my Actor Joe Apice we developed a great New York accent for Ian, which is what I have imagined all along.

After bring Joe voice over into Audition I began cutting it up and spacing it out as I imagine it well be when there is the visual element.

This is where my momentum started to fall… a lot of it had to do with the complications of learning a new programe. However, more specifically it had to do with the lack of imagery to put the sound to. Because my film does not have a consistent narration over it, the pauses between lines will be filled with animation (and sound to match it) that will help give the since of time passing. Once I figured out my work flow for how I was going to edit, it became easier but that was only after hours and hours of browsing forms on how to manage media and actually use Audition.

Because of this I wasn’t able to get as much done as I would have liked. However I do have sound effects downloaded and the narration recorded… I do need to get the waitress voice. Its not very much lines, and none of it is lip-sync but it is still is essential to the project.


On a plus note, I used my momentum of this weekend to set up a green screen (for St Patric day!!!) in my basement which I will be using for the project as well as a back drop for my Kickstarter video, more on that in the next update.


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My name is Jade Jauquet. I live in Lafayette Colorado. I'm a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder, I'm currently working on my final film project. View all posts by jauquet

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